Crowdfunded Space Sim Star Citizen Is Beginning To Come Together, According To Chris Roberts



Chris Roberts, the creator and all-round driving force behind Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen, has assured crowdfunding backers and fans that the ambitious space simulator is beginning to come together.

That’s according to Roberts’ recent community post, where he revealed that although the development team aren’t ready to slap a release date on the title, we’ll learn — and hopefully see — much more of Star Citizen throughout the year, as the pieces are finally starting to fall into place.

“The coming months are going to be something else. Without sharing internal target dates, I will tell you that we are entering into the tightest schedule we’ve ever had for public releases. In short order, you will see Arena Commander 1.1 (now with REC!), the FPS module and the so-called ‘social module,’ our first foray into the persistent universe.

“We’ve talked a lot about how Star Citizen will come together from disparate pieces over the past year, and we are now entering into when that happens. I can’t express how excited I am.”

Cloud Imperium Games first pitched the concept of Star Citizen to Kickstarter back in 2012. Since then, its smashed through a number of crowdfunding goals, and recently surpassed $73 million in funding from over 760,000 backers. It is, by some margin, the most successful crowdfunded project in history.

At this stage, Chris Roberts’ passion project is very much being built as a PC exclusive, though the creator didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of porting the game over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One one day. That said, don’t expect Star Citizen to make an appearance on last-gen systems, with Roberts adamant that the space simulator will “never be on the PS3 or Xbox 360.”

You can keep up-to-date with the development of Star Citizen through Roberts’ blog. PC players can expect to learn more about the title throughout the course of the year ahead of its tentative 2016 release window.

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