Don’t Miss This Far Cry 3 Co-Op Walkthrough

During June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Ubisoft surprised us all by revealing that Far Cry 3 will contain a separate, four-player co-op mode. Though, despite the fact that they showed off some footage from what is sure to be a big selling point for many multiplayer-loving gamers, certain details were left out. That list included information regarding the stand-alone mode’s story, which we now know a bit more about, thanks to the company’s latest walkthrough video and its focus on co-op.

Revealed during this single mission walkthrough is the fact that the co-op action takes place six months before the game’s single player campaign begins. The set-up is that its four characters have teamed up to take down a man who screwed them over. Unlike main character Jason, these new individuals happen to be ready for what they’ll experience, making it seem like they’re possibly experienced mercenaries.

What you’ll see below is approximately four and a half minutes of gameplay footage, beginning with an opening cutscene and ending with the conclusion of an explosive-based mission. In-between, loadout selection screens are featured, along with intense firefights and an individual challenge section. Going further, one will see how to revive a downed ally, as well as how players can help their teammates by using battle cry abilities.

Far Cry 3 will become available to North American gamers on December 4.

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