Far Cry 4 Has Lots Of Cool Weapons, And Here’s Proof


One key to making a good shooter is to offer players a wide range of kickass weaponry. Obviously, that’s a rule that Far Cry 4‘s developers understood from the get-go, because their latest promotional video for the game is all about its varied assortments of death-dealers.

Far Cry games have always been a blast because of the freedom of exploration and engagement that they’ve offered us. Expectedly, those things will play another large role in Far Cry 4, as the game will allow for not only silenced and stealth-based weapons, but also loud, blow-up everything in sight ordeals. Because of this, you can expect to be able to use a blade just as easily as a flamethrower or a new mortar gun; not to mention bait, which can bring a deadly tiger towards an unsuspecting foe, who will quickly become the large cat’s tasty meal.

Far Cry 4 will blow shit up and set fire to the mountains it’s set in on November 18, and we can’t wait for it.