Crystal Dynamics Could Be Announcing Their Next Project Soon


Video game industry super-sleuth Superannuation has recently uncovered the online resume of Crystal Dynamics‘ level artist, Matt McCullock, who notes that he has been working on “creating wildly cool environments for a soon to be announced title for Crystal Dynamics.”

Sadly, McCullock didn’t make the usual LinkedIn mistake of listing the exact title that he was working on for Crystal Dynamics, so at this point we can only guess as to what this “soon to be announced” game is.

Last February Square Enix registered domains for something called War Fornos Goth and Blood Masque, which seemed to suggest that Crystal Dynamics may be developing a new Legacy of Kain game — as was rumored last year. There is also the obvious possibility that the studio has decided to expand upon their “highly successful, but not successful enoughTomb Raider reboot, by making a sequel (this would be the option that I’m hoping for). Finally, the mystery game could be the unannounced “brand new AAA game” that their Redwood City studio is hiring a senior artist for.

Whatever this upcoming announcement is, McCullock’s resume seems to indicate that this is something we could be seeing at E3 this June. We will keep our eyes open for any word from Crystal Dynamics and let you know if, and when, anything pops up.