Blood Masque Domains Registered By Square Enix

Earlier this week Square Enix registered two new domains related to Blood Masque, indicating that the publisher might soon announce a video game bearing the same name.

Neither domain ( and currently points towards an actual web page, however, WHOIS reveals that Square Enix registered both of them on January 29, 2013.

With only the Blood Masque website to go on, we can only speculate as to what Square Enix is working on in relationship to the name. Fusible suggests that the title will have something to do with vampires, which sounds like a reasonable enough guess to us. After all, vampires do tend to enjoy anything having to do with blood.

Of course, any mention of vampires around the WGTC office makes us think of the greatest blood sucker to have ever blown cigar smoke out of his ears, the one and only Grandpa Munster. Sadly, the actual Blood Masque probably has very little chance of being anywhere near as awesome as a video game based on Grandpa Munster.

Regardless of what the game turns out to be, the real question here is what platforms is Square Enix developing the potential new IP for? With Sony speculated to unveil the PlayStation 4 later this month, we can’t help but wonder if Blood Masque will end up being Square Enix’s first announced next-gen game.

We will keep an eye out for any future Blood Masque announcements from Square Enix and let you know if anything turns up.