Current Doctor Who Actor Peter Capaldi Is On Board For LEGO Dimensions


Good news Doctor Who fanatics! Peter Capaldi, the Scottish actor who’s currently taken up the mantle of the Doctor on TV screens, is lending his vocal chords to LEGO Dimensions. In the trailer, which you can watch above, Capaldi can be heard (and seen, in LEGO form), talking about space, time and philosophical nonsense – you know, the usual.

We also get a good look at the TARDIS, as it spirals around Batman’s Gotham city and Hill Valley from the Back To The Future film series. Here comes the coolest part ,though. Every single Doctor, from William Hartnell to David Tenent and every other incarnation between them – they’re all going to be playable in LEGO form. Sadly, it looks like Capaldi is the only actor that will be voicing his respective version of the Doctor, but still, it’s great news for fans of the show.

Additionally, developer Traveller’s Tales have added in a cute nod to the central hook of the TV series. That is, if you die as any one of the TARDIS-dwelling Doctors, you’ll immediately regenerate as the next one in chronological order. Cute.

Doctor Who is just one of many pop culture icons among the world of Film, Comics and TV that will be featuring in LEGO Dimensions. Batman, Lord Of The Rings and Back To The Future, to name just a few, will all be lending their worlds and characters to the sure-to-be-a-hit title.

Tell us, are you satisfied with the selection of media that’s currently announced for LEGO Dimensions? Sound off below!

Source: VideoGamer