Cyberpunk 2077 Reportedly Being Monitored By Polish Watchdog, Could Be Fined

Cyberpunk 2077

Try as it might to hammer Cyberpunk 2077 into an acceptable state on consoles, CD Projekt RED is still a far cry from escaping any potential legal repercussions for the game’s launch state.

Following on from reports that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against it, the developer has vowed to defend itself in a court of law against any allegations of wrongdoing, especially with regard to accusations that it intentionally misled fans about the sci-fi RPG’s quality by only distributing technically superior PC copies to critics and influencers alike for review. Given how long legal battles of this type can take to play out (remember Epic Games v. Apple?), it’ll likely be a while until a verdict is reached on that front, meaning CDPR assuredly has plenty of time to address yet another PR nightmare.

According to a report by Polish website Benchmark, Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (AKA UOKiK) has recently started taking a keen interest in the studio and its handling of Cyberpunk 2077. As you’ll have no doubt guessed by the regulatory body’s name, UOKiK serves its native country’s public in affairs concerning consumer rights, essentially with the aim of ensuring fair commerce for all.

As of writing, no action appears to have been taken, though Benchmark states that should officials find evidence of any wrongdoing, CDPR could be forced to pay a fine amounting to 10% of its annual income. An unlikely outcome it may be, but at the very least, it’s added pressure that the company could certainly do without right now. A statement released by UOKiK spokesperson Małgorzata Cieloch effectively describes how the bureau is currently taking a wait and see approach, with further action possible, should the situation worsen or fail to be resolved.

A fair outcome or overblown controversy? Let us know whether you think Cyberpunk 2077 is deserving of its current scrutiny or not in the usual place below!