Dark Souls III Player Offers Up Temporary Workaround For Known PC Issue

Dark Souls III Screenshot 4

It’s arguably one of the franchise’s biggest draws – that intoxicating feeling of venturing into a From Software RPG and piecing together its jet-black world one unspeakable boss fight at a time.

It cultivates a tight-knit community around each release, and the recent arrival of Dark Souls III is no different. In fact, that online support often extends beyond boss strategies and enemy guides, with Steam user Elioden Ward recently offering up a temporary workaround that solves a crashing issue found in the RPG’s PC version.

Those who have encountered said glitch noticed that the sequel tends to crash during its opening moments, and Ward has traced the issue back to lighting settings. Essentially, to avoid the issue, you’ll want to lower your lighting settings for the meantime as we await Dark Souls III‘s maiden patch.

Per Steam:

“There aren’t really any details but if your ‘Lighting’ settings are set above LOW you have a chance to crash when approaching a bonfire. Therefore, the fix is (most of the time) as simple as swapping your Lighting option (in advanced options) to LOW.

“Apparently, if you wear a full helmet (a helmet that completely conceals your character’s face/hair) you won’t crash when approaching bonfires, even with your Lighting setting on MEDIUM, HIGH, or MAX.”

Dark Souls III launched yesterday, April 12, across PS4, Xbox One and PC. Our own Joshua Kowbel braved the horrors of From Software’s RPG sequel and lived to tell the tale, awarding the game a stellar score in the process. To get a taste of the action, a haunting launch trailer also creeped out of the shadows just yesterday.

Source: Steam