Daylight Gets Short Delay; Pricing Details And New Media Surface


This morning, Atlus conveyed a bit of bad news, but not without a silver lining or two. That is, the fact that Zombie Studios needed a bit more time with its procedurally generated spookshow, Daylight, and was forced to delay it as a result. Apparently, due to the way the game is being crafted, it’s not a normal or typical development effort. Given the procedurally generated environments and whatnot, that makes perfect sense.

The good news comes in the form of the two aforementioned silver linings, which include the fact that those of us who are itching to enter the dark, dingy and freaky location of Mid Island Hospital will only have to wait a few more weeks, because Daylight‘s new release date has been set for April 29. On top of that, we’ve also learned about some cheap pricing options for PS+ subscribers and those who go the pre-order route on PC – something that can be done now. Both groups will be given the opportunity to buy the game for $9.99, a price that will remain intact until two weeks post-launch on PS4. Conversely, non PS+ subscribing PS4 owners will be able to buy it for $11.99 during that time period. Following the end of its promotional period, though, Daylight will jump up to its normal $14.99 price tag.

Although I was looking forward to playing Daylight this week, I’m happy that its developers are taking all the time they need to ensure it’s up to their seemingly high standards. As such, I don’t mind having to wait a few more weeks for it.