Dead Rising 4 Pre-Order Exclusives Now Available For All To Buy; Frank Rising DLC Out Today On Xbox One

Dead Rising 4 Zombie Slice of Fun

Prior to Dead Rising 4‘s launch last year, developer Capcom announced a small selection of quirky combo weapons that players would gain access to should they pre-order the survival horror title and up until now, that’s been the only way to obtain them. Starting from today, however, each of the retailer-specific weapons are now available to purchase for $1.99 a pop, and they include such oddities as the Candy Cane Crossbow, the Slicecycle vehicle and a pair of giant green fists that protagonist Frank can don in order to pummel the undead horde into a smooth red paste.

The above arrives alongside a major DLC launch for the title, too. Frank Rising, which sees the photojournalist succumb to the zombie virus plaguing the Willamette Mall, is out today on Xbox One and Windows 10 and can be picked up individually for $9.99 or at no extra cost for Season Pass holders. A range of abilities, as well as a new feeding system that requires Frank to feed on other undead in order to put a hold on the virus’ advancement, are included in the add-on, with the player’s ultimate goal being to find a cure before it’s too late. A Steam release is due to follow next week, April 11.

As for the future and beyond, Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, the additional content first outlined last year, is scheduled to arrive in the near future sporting the same price tag as Frank Rising and boasts an 18-hole golf course for up to four players to enjoy in co-op. Expect outlandish power-ups and absurd costumes to be part and parcel of the update when it arrives, an official date for which Capcom has yet to provide, although more details are expected soon.

Dead Rising 4 is out now on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam and if you’ve yet to enjoy the delights of killing zombies in the most weird and wonderful ways imaginable, see our review here.

Source: Capcom-Unity