Dead Rising 4’s Wacky Pre-Order Bonuses For Xbox One And Windows 10 Detailed

Microsoft has confirmed a wide range of special pre-order exclusives for Dead Rising 4 ahead of its launch later this year, with each one being more bonkers than the last. Depending on which retailer you decide to give your business will dictate which wacky pre-order item you receive, but believe us when we say that they’re all rather brilliant.

You can see the gallery above for screenshots of each comical invention and below for details on where to get them.


This one is available to everyone who pre-orders the digital version of Dead Rising 4 directly from the Microsoft Store and bestow Frank West with two giant fists with which to punch zombies into the stratosphere. They’re essentially Hulk Fists, except not, because, you know, copyright and all that.

Steampunk Snowman Head

GameStop’s exclusive comes in the form of a combo weapon that spews snowballs at the undead horde to freeze them in their shambling tracks. Any undead caught in the onslaught can subsequently be smashed into tiny ice chips – perfect for an ice cold refreshment.

Candy Cane Crossbow

Unless this crossbow fires sharpened candy canes, we’re not sure how effective it will be at penetrating the rotting skulls of the zombie horde, but you can try it for yourself when you pre-order at Best Buy.

The Slicecycle

Arguably the best of the bunch (certainly the most efficient killer), the Slicecycle is literally as the name suggests – a motorbike that’s had two chainsaws strapped to its handlebars for added protection as you screech through the halls of the Willamette Mall. The combo vehicle is available for those that pre-order at Amazon.

Besides all of the above, Microsoft has also released a handy infographic over on Xbox Wire (which you can see below) that details the strengths and weaknesses of the EXO suit, a new feature for the series that fans will undoubtedly enjoy customizing to suit their needs.

Dead Rising 4 comes to Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6th.