Dead Space Remasters Might Be In The Works

Dead Space

A long-dormant EA IP could finally be getting the new lease of life that it deserves.

Dead Space, Visceral’s critically acclaimed survival horror kickstarted back in 2008 with the first installment, ultimately suffered a fate identical to that of its creator in 2013 shortly after the debut of protagonist Isaac Clarke’s third encounter with the Necromorphs.

Criticized for diverging too far from its genre roots and shoehorning in microtransactions, the third game’s lower-than-expected sales prompted management to pull the plug. Not so much as a passing mention of the series has been made since, and with Visceral’s closure in 2017 essentially representing the final nail in the coffin, many have unsurprisingly assumed that nothing further will ever come of the franchise. Until now, at least.

Dead Space

Noted industry insider and Xbox Era podcast host Nick Baker believes that EA could be gearing up to announce remasters or even a brand new entry. Speaking on Twitter, he said: “You know, the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I think Dead Space has a chance of coming back in some way. Whether via remasters or a sequel. Or hopefully both.”

This is far from concrete confirmation of anything, but it’s worth noting that Windows Central editor Jez Corden replied to Baker’s post implying that one or both have knowledge of such a project being worked on behind the scenes. All pure conjecture, then, though with E3 just around the corner, there’s every chance that Dead Space‘s return from the grave could be on the cards. As for who could be taking charge of a potential sequel, put forward your best guesses in the usual place below!

This year’s EA Play event is scheduled to unfold on July 22nd and could see the likes of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, as well as the latest iteration of DICE’s Battlefield, take center stage. Watch this space for more details.