Hideo Kojima Might Be Teasing Death Stranding 2


Does Hideo Kojima ever intend to make a Death Stranding 2?

Truthfully, the enigmatic auteur has never indicated, either way, if he intends for Sam Porter Bridges (played by Norman Reedus) to return for a second outing in bleak post-apocalyptic America that the original game depicts, though some fans now believe that the Metal Gear Solid creator is doing exactly that thanks to what appear to be teasers revealed on his social media profiles.

Presented as a walkthrough of his work-at-home setup during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kojima provides a number of images accompanying the descriptions which, by his own words, relate to a new title currently in the works at Kojima Productions. We’ll get to how they potentially point to a Death Stranding sequel in just a moment but first, check out the pics for yourself below and see if you can’t spot the connections.

Okay, so the presence of what appears to be a BB (Bridge Baby) is obvious, but it’s the sketch of what looks like a spaceship of some kind in the second still that fans on ResetEra have gone into full speculation mode over.

As pointed out by user Actwan on the site, the drawing, when rotated and magnified, bears the name “Bridges” on its hull, with an annotation on the same sheet of paper noted as saying “landing ship.” The above is by no means confirmation of anything, of course, and while Death Stranding 2 seems to be the most logical outcome, the images could just as easily be related to a space-based spinoff or, more straightforward still, little more than unused concepts from the first game.

Last we heard, Kojima was intending for his next big project to take the form of a deeply-unsettling horror experience. Could the two be related in some way? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!

Source: Twitter