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A 23-Year-Old Resident Evil Mystery Has Finally Been Solved

A 23-year-old mystery dating back to the original PlayStation version of Resident Evil has been laid to rest thanks to some dedicated fans.

Rebecca Resident Evil

With the release of Resident Eviland the remake of Resident Evil 2, Capcom’s premier horror franchise has been propelled into the limelight as of late. After years of subpar games that shied too far away from the franchise’s roots, the Japanese developer/publisher seems to have honed in on a formula that appeals to fans from all over.

Still, while the series has benefitted from finely-tuned gameplay and a large amount of polish lately, it’s hard to forget just how cheesy the first game was. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it for themselves, the original PlayStation version of Resident Evil is, too put it mildly, something to behold. Stilted voice acting? Yep. D-tier dialogue? You betcha. Laughable live-action sequences bookending the beginning and epilogue? You better believe it.

Interestingly though, because the video game industry did a very poor job at properly crediting actors back in the day, the actress who played Rebecca Chambers has, up until recently, been a mystery. In her in-game appearance, she was only referred to as “Linda.”

Thankfully, that mystery has since been solved. As reported by GameRant, the actresses’ name is – wait for it – Linda X. It’s not entirely clear if that’s her real name or a pseudonym, but Fred Derf of the RaccoonStars blog has tracked her down and confirmed that she did appear in the original Resident Evil. Linda also described how “high tech” the filming process was back in the late ’90s, and ironically, she wasn’t aware of just how popular the franchise had become.

If you’re not entirely familiar with who Rebecca Chambers is, don’t fret. Assuming you have a Switch, you’ll be able to snag most of the series’ biggest games at a discount before the holiday season comes to a close.

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