Deck 13’s RPG The Surge Will Take Place On A Planet Earth Nearing “The End Of Its Life”



Barely a month has passed since Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13 first teased its new creative venture, which is to be a dystopian RPG set in a far-future setting. Now, thanks to a quiet reveal during Gamescom, the studio’s latest project – now know as The Surge – will imagine a planet Earth nearing “the end of its lifetime.”

In the face of an ageing population and environment diseases, vast swathes of the human populace have been deemed as useless, as governments turn to advanced technology and machines the carry out manual labor and the like. According to Deck 13, The Surge will take place in a “very grim vision of the future,” though it’s still unclear how the studio plans to mould a game around this most intriguing set-up.

“As the intelligence of technology incrementally increased over the years, many jobs for the human race had been made redundant, forcing Earth’s citizens to head out into the suburbs seeking labor, aided by exoskeletons to improve their efficiency. The world of The Surge offers a very grim vision of the future, where the evolution of our technology, our society and our relation with the environment led to a decadent state of the Human civilization.”

Due to hit current-gen consoles and PC in 2017, there’s still much we don’t know about Deck 13’s new IP, though the studio has trumpeted its varied combat system and unique character progression as its unique selling points. Mind you, given the title’s dark, mysterious world, it is arguably the in-game universe that harbors the most potential of all.

The Surge is still a ways away, given that Deck 13 has pegged the sci-fi RPG for a release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

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