Delve Deeper Into Customization With The Crew


“For every driver, there’s a ride…or two.”

The above line starts the latest in a long line of trailers for Ubisoft’s cross-country racer, The Crew. Granted, it foreshadows the inevitable, which is that those who play the game and put serious time into it will identify and come to love one or two different cars more than any others. It happens in all racing games, of course, and is something that Ubisoft Reflections wants to help with.

This latest episode of “On the Road With The Crew” takes us deeper into the racer’s vehicular customization options, which look to be quite extensive. It promotes not only dealer designs and accents, but also those of the aftermarket and do-it-yourself varieties. Hell, even dirt on one’s tires is considered a customization item here.

Car parts, paint jobs and DIY tweaks aren’t the only things talked about in this trailer, though, as a bit of time is also spent on its perks system. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, though, offering things like increased handling and faster engines for all used cars, and the ability to become a mobile mechanic.

The Crew will experience America by roadway, starting on December 2nd.