Demon’s Souls Remaster Reportedly In Development For PS4

Demon's Souls

“Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.”

If there’s one video game remaster that’s been long overdue, FromSoftware’s phenomenal PlayStation 3 dungeon-crawler action-RPG exclusive, Demon’s Souls, would be pretty high up on everybody’s list, right? Well, luckily for us, it’s looking likely that a remaster of the seminal title that kickstarted the whole Soulsborne subgenre may well be on the way to PS4 after all.

During the most recent episode of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, host Colin Moriarty – a former IGN senior editor with a notable history of reporting on PlayStation – seemingly teased that a remaster of Demon’s Souls is indeed in the works for PS4, and that it’s likely that the unannounced action-RPG may even be announced very soon.

“There was one game in particular, a remaster coming out for PlayStation 4, that I thought they [Sony] were going to announce today [at State of Play], but they didn’t. I don’t know what they are waiting for with that one. Let’s just say the soul still burns with that one.” Upon saying this, Moriarty let out a teasing chuckle, drawing attention to his hint, before the conversation moved on.

Demon's Souls

Of course, Moriarty never explicitly names Demon’s Souls outright. However, it’s pretty obvious what he’s trying to say with the “soul still burns” part. Considering there’ve been rumours circulating about a Demon’s Souls remaster for awhile now, it’s clear what the former IGN senior editor is suggesting here may indeed be true.

Interestingly, Bluepoint Games – a US-based studio who are renowned for developing remakes/remasters for Sony – has gone on record and teased that their next game is their biggest yet and a real fan-pleaser. Could this unannounced title be a Demon’s Souls remaster? Only time will tell, but as always, take this new intel with a grain of salt until something more official is announced by Sony, Bluepoint or FromSoftware.