Destiny Dreadnaught Strike To Be Showcased Tomorrow; New Teaser Features Nolan North As Ghost


Bungie currently has all hands on deck for the release of The Taken King expansion – the largest of the DLCs thus far and big enough to warrant a physical release – and ahead of the Twitch reveal of the Dreadnaught Strike tomorrow, a new Destiny teaser for the mammoth add-on has appeared online that even features our first inkling of what Nolan North will sound like in the role of Ghost.

Having supplanted Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage to voice the AI companion – Dinklebot is no more, sadly – it’s understood that North, the industry veteran that he is, will re-record all lines of dialogue for Ghost as Bungie aim to develop the character in a new direction.


As for tomorrow’s live event, Design Lead James Tsai and Bungie Community Manager Deej (David Dague) will host it, at it will begin in earnest at 11:00am Pacific Time.

On Wednesday, August 26th at 11:00am Pacific, Deej (Bungie Community Manager) will host a livestream straight from the studio with James Tsai (Design Lead) and community guest Mr. Fruit. They’ll be infiltrating the Dreadnaught, fighting the Taken and debuting an all-new Strike against a rival Cabal invasion force deep within The Taken King’s stronghold.

It’s all part of Bungie’s plan to drum up excitement for the launch of The Taken King. Next week, for instance, the esteemed studio will host another Twitch stream focusing on Court of Oryx, with plans in place to unveil one of the new areas making its way into the shared-world shooter next month.

Budding Guardians who want to get their first extensive look at The Taken King can tune in to Bungie’s Twitch channel tomorrow, Wednesday 26. The Taken King will release for all Destiny users on September 15.

Source: Bungie

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