Destiny Introduces Its Vault Of Glass Raid


Destiny has been out for a week and is just now getting its first raid, the Venus-based Vault of Glass mission. After much anticipation, it went live earlier this morning, and is now open to teams of six players.

If you plan to take on the Vault of Glass, you’ll need to make sure of a few things. The first is your player level, which should be 26, else you’ll be wasting your time according to Bungie. Next is the need for five friends, because there’s no matchmaking to be found, for whatever reason. Last up is time, because the raid is apparently so difficult that it will likely take teams more than one try to complete.

Those who fail and decide to take a break will be able to do so, but they’ll only have one week to resume their progress, and must make sure to follow the same team leader back into the vault. If not, things will become moot.

This all sounds like a lot of work for one raid, but here’s hoping it’ll be worthwhile for those who undertake it.