Destiny To Be Offline For Six-Hour Maintenance Later Today


Take heed, Guardians: Bungie has confirmed plans to take Destiny servers offline for a six-hour maintenance period today beginning 8am PDT / 11am EST.

News comes by way of the studio’s official Twitter account, and though it’s difficult to gauge exactly when the shared-world shooter will be back – more often than not, server-side maintenance stretches beyond the allotted window of time – we’re hoping that the downtime passes over with relative ease. Here’s the official announcement per Bungie.

Though Destiny players are well accustomed to regular bouts of downtime at this point, this latest period of maintenance will likely have a big impact on those ardent Guardians ploughing through the Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode. Running from Friday until the early hours of Thursday morning, the weekly game mode harbors a precious bounty for the most skilled players, which is located on an area known as The Lighthouse on the sun-scorched plains of Mercury. No word yet on whether Bungie will extend the Osiris window this week to compensate for the downtime, but keep one eye trained on the studio’s Twitter feed for further updates.

Barring any technical hiccups, Destiny should be back online in time for 2pm PDT/5pm EST. Until then, please standby for any further updates from Bungie.

Source: Twitter