Destiny Weekly Reset For February 21: Nightfall, Crucible And Challenge Mode Changes Detailed

Bungie’s weekly reset of the Destiny servers has come once again today, bringing with it the usual changes to the shooter’s various PvE and PvP content. Nightfall, Prison of Elders and Crucible have all received their respective rotations, with past modifiers and bosses returning from previous resets to keep Guardians on their toes.

The Abomination Heist makes a return as this week’s Nightfall Strike, with Arc Burn, Exposure, Juggler and Specialist being the modifiers you’ll need to contend with as you tackle the endless hordes of the Hive. If you’re looking for an easy time, I’d recommend using a special weapon with the Arc element – that will melt almost anything that stands in your way, thanks to the increased damage afforded to both. The Dreg’s Promise sidearm or Hereafter sniper are two good picks, although any other Legendary special weapon should do the job just as nicely. Thanks to the juggler modifier, however, you’ll need to switch to a primary in order to scavenge some more special ammo.

For the competitively minded among you, this week’s Crucible playlists are Mayhem Clash and Rumble Supremacy. If you’re eager to put Bungie’s recent weapon balance patch through its paces, here’s your chance. Oh, and don’t forget to pay Vosik a visit in Rise of Iron‘s Wrath of the Machine raid. The overgrown Fallen boss is the obstacle to be overcome in order to complete this week’s Challenge Mode. Special armor Ornaments and an emblem are yours for the taking if you emerge victorious.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Destiny 2, meanwhile, is still on course for a release this year, so says Activision.