Destiny’s Latest Balance Patch Is Now Live, Here’s What It Changes

As the age-old fairy tale about a girl attempting to find a bowl of porridge that’s just right will tell you, attempting to find the perfect balance with anything in life, whether it’s the temperature of your food or a stable video game meta, is never easy. Bungie’s Destiny is no exception, and after many, many agonizing months of its PvP Crucible mode being dominated by shotguns and electrified Warlocks, things should now change. Hopefully for the better.

As of yesterday, the developer’s latest hotfix for the sci-fi shooter went live, bringing with it a huge amount of tweaks to weapon types, rulesets and subclasses. I’ll get to the shotgun nerfs shortly, but putting them aside for just a second, changes to how Special Ammo is acquired in all game types have been made, including confirmation that it’s now lost on death.

As for the weapon class itself, most will no longer deal precision damage to the noggins of Guardians and have significantly less accuracy while airborne, with the exception to the rule being The Chaperone and Universal Remote. To balance out the latter’s renewed usefulness, its clip size has been reduced from 5 to 3 and takes longer to reload. The other contentious issue – the long range of the Stormcaller subclass melee attack – has also been addressed, bringing its reach more in line with Sunsinger and Voidwalker. There’s a whole lot more to the patch than what’s analyzed above, so if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, head over to Bungie’s official site to see the full list.

In related news, McFarlane Toys announced today via IGN that it plans to release a new line of action figures based on Destiny. Three such figures have been revealed so far and they look pretty neat. See here for all the details.