McFarlane Toys Announces New Range Of Destiny Action Figures

2017 could well prove to be the biggest yet for Bungie’s Destiny franchise. With Destiny 2 finally slated to see the light of day later this year, Guardians who have grown weary of the content on offer in the original will have new frontiers to explore, but before that, there’s something else in the pipeline that you might be interested in.

Announced today via IGN, McFarlane Toys and Bungie have teamed up to create a line of action figures based on the sci-fi shooter series, the first batch of which will be available this July. Three figures will be available at launch, one for each of Destiny‘s three playable classes: Hunter, Warlock and Titan. The competitive PvP event Iron Banner, as well as the Vault of Glass and King’s Fall raids are all represented in the figures, which will retail at a modest $20. Check them out below.


Each figure comes boxed in its own collector’s packaging, which includes a suitably-themed base and a windowed front for display purposes. As tempting as it may be, we’d suggest holding off on breaking the seal, as Destiny‘s continued popularity could well see the prices on these things rise quite high, especially if they’re available in limited quantities. Although, given their affordable price, you could always buy two copies of each.

As per the announcement, more 10-inch figures in the range are planned for the future, so here’s hoping some of the alien races are up next. A Fallen Captain or Vex Minotaur figure would look mighty fine if I do say so myself.