Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid Is About To Get Much More Difficult


Did you think your work was over, Guardian?

You may have completed Destiny‘s The Taken King expansion and even put Oryx to rest at the end of the King’s Fall raid, but new challenges are just on the horizon. Starting on Friday, October 23, Bungie will be opening the doors to the hard version of King’s Fall, promising an even greater difficulty challenge for those that have already conquered the current ‘normal’ version.


If you’re waiting to hear about an incentive for taking on King’s Fall Hard, you won’t be disappointed. When the update hits at 10am Pacific Time, the new and tougher version of Oryx’s stronghold will drop armour with a light level between 310 and 320. The current maximum amount of light a piece of gear can have is 310, for comparison.

If you’re not a hardcore raider, there’s other changes headed your way over the next week. Bungie have heard the complaints fans have made surrounding the underwhelming loot from the weekly Nightfall strike, and will be buffing them in due course.

Elsewhere though, Bungie have been forced to clarify their position on supposed microtransaction items found in the game’s database after last week’s update that added the Iron Banner event.

Bungie stated that:

What you’re seeing are remnant files for Three of Coins or Moldering Shard like items that would have been available from Xûr. Ultimately, the team decided that they didn’t have a place in the game, and cut them from the experience. You’re seeing some dust and echoes from the cutting room floor.

Tell us, are you looking forward to these new updates that are coming to Bungie? Sound off below and let us know.