Is Destiny About To Get Even More Micro-Transactions?


Fresh off the back of yesterday’s patch 2.01 update for Destiny, which added micro-transactions, players have found new files suggesting that more are on the way in the form of subclass and rare drop boosting items.

Along with the returning Iron Banner event that pits players against each other in the Crucible to do battle without level-restrictions on their gear, Bungie also welcomed back Tess Everis to the Tower and the opening of her new store: The Eververse Trading Company. The new store enables players to use a new currency (silver – which can be bought with real money) to purchase exclusive emotes to customize their characters with.

However, since yesterday’s update, players have found new items in the game’s database that can boost drop rates of rare items and fully boost any characters subclass to its maximum level. However, Destiny‘s creative director, Luke Smith, has taken to Twitter to deny that Bungie have any intention of selling consumables that buff drop rates.

So that’s those off the table, but there’s still no confirmation or denial from Bungie regarding the level boost items. One would have thought that if neither items were planned to be sold for real money, then Smith would have said as much in the above comment.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see which way the pendulum swings. Be sure to check back for any updates regarding the story.