Destiny Weekly Reset For March 21: Nightfall, Crucible And Challenge Mode Changes Detailed

Bungie’s weekly reset of the Destiny servers has come once again, bringing with it the usual changes to the shooter’s various PvE and PvP content. Nightfall, Prison of Elders and Crucible have all received their respective rotations, with past modifiers and bosses returning from previous resets to keep Guardians on their toes.

The Shadow Thief is the mission being featured as this week’s Nightfall Strike, with Fresh Troops, Match Game, Catapult and Exposure being the modifiers you’ll need to contend with in order to take down the overgrown Fallen boss Taniks, The Scarred. Once again, there’s no elemental burn mutator to make things easy this week, although you’ll want to choose a loadout that features every type, as the Match Burn modifier requires Guardians to use elementals matching enemy shields in order to take them down efficiently. If you can, try and form a Fireteam that has one of each subclass type, as Catapult increases your grenade recharge rate – perfect for dealing with different shield types. Finally, Exposure provides a massive boost to your own shield capacity but removes its ability to recharge, so tread carefully.

Upon conquering the Nightfall for another week, be sure to pay Vosik a visit in Rise of Iron‘s Wrath of the Machine raid. The SIVA-infused Fallen is this week’s obstacle to be overcome in order to complete Challenge Mode. Special armor Ornaments and a commemorative emblem are yours to keep if you can rise to the task.

For the more competitive-minded players among you, this week’s Crucible playlist is Mayhem Clash, which amps up the action by reducing the cooldown timers on all abilities. If you’ve ever wanted to be in a near-perpetual state of shooting lightning out of your hands as a Stormcaller, this is the place to do it.

That’s it for this week’s reset, but be sure to check back with us tomorrow for all the latest details to come out of Bungie’s third and final livestream for Destiny‘s upcoming Age of Triumph event, which will shine the spotlight on all the new gear and raid armor Ornaments headed your way on March 28.