Challenge Mode Is Now Live For Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s Wrath Of The Machine Raid


Destiny‘s scheduled weekly reset has ushered in the arrival of Challenge Mode for the Wrath of The Machine raid introduced with Rise of Iron, adding an extra layer of challenge for Guardians who fancy nabbing themselves some lucrative rewards.

As with how the feature functioned when introduced with The Taken King‘s King’s Fall raid, challenges will rotate on a weekly basis, with the completion of each awarding a unique emblem and additional loot that can drop at the current maximum Light level.

As per Bungie’s Tweet, you’ll be facing-off against Vosik this week, and must meet certain requirements to complete the challenge.

Of course, Bungie hasn’t provided any details on what you have to do but don’t worry, various Reddit users have already sussed out what you have to do. Here’s the lowdown.

To complete this week’s challenge, players will need to tackle the second Vosik fight as usual, but with a few differences. First of all, every safe room must be activated before the SIVA-spliced Fallen boss is toppled, with each room needing to be activated by throwing a SIVA bomb at the locking device. This means that the battle can last no longer than three rounds and the bombs dropped during Vosik’s damage phase must be saved for use on the safe rooms.

Assuming your Fireteam does everything correctly, you’ll be awarded with an additional chest at the end of the fight, which includes armor up to 400 Light, an emblem and a SIVA Ornament, which can be applied to your raid gear.

The first challenge for Destiny‘s Wrath of The Machine raid can be tackled in either Normal or Hard mode, but you’ll only receive the Ornament and emblem for completing the latter.

Good luck!