Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Launch Trailer Celebrates Your Legend


The launch trailer for Destiny‘s Age of Triumph event has dropped ahead of the event’s beginning next week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, providing an overview of all the new content headed to the sci-fi shooter on March 28. If you’ve been following our coverage of Bungie’s preview livestreams over the last few weeks, you’ll likely have seen the majority of the features highlighted in today’s video, but it’s nonetheless nice to have a summary of everything be brought together in one place.

A last hurrah for the title, Age of Triumph is being billed as a culmination and celebration of every notable feat your Guardian has achieved over the last three years, with a new record book included that rewards players’ continued dedication with emblems, loot and even a real life customized T-shirt adorned with your Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation Network ID.

Reworked Raids, new gear, Ornaments, updated Nightfall Strikes and new modifiers are all part of a non-exhaustive list of improvements on their way, which should help to keep Guardians occupied until Destiny 2 supposedly rolls around later this year. Publisher Activision has repeatedly stated that the sequel is still on course for release in 2017, with a leaked poster today appearing to reiterate that.

We’re still in the dark as to what shape Destiny 2 will take exactly, but it was confirmed recently that nothing, other than your Guardian, will carry over from one game to the other. That might sully your enthusiasm for Age of Triumph, but keep in mind that the original Destiny isn’t going anywhere. You’ll still be able to enjoy its universe even following the sequel’s release.

With any luck, we’ll get an official announcement and gameplay debut at this year’s E3, but in the meantime, an Age of Triumph beckons.