Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Event Begins March 28, Includes Year Three Versions Of All Raids


Bungie has revealed the first details for Destiny‘s upcoming Age of Triumph event today, the final update coming to the sci-fi shooter before focus shifts entirely to this year’s Destiny 2.

First up, confirming what was hinted at with an earlier teaser video, all raids currently available in-game, including the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End and King’s Fall, will be brought up to the current Light Level cap, meaning Guardians now have reason to revisit each piece of content in order to nab themselves some Year Three versions of each raid armor set. A new Weekly Featured Raid playlist will also be available, offering additional rewards – including brand new Ornaments – for meeting the challenge.

As was the case with Rise of Iron, Age of Triumph will have a record book that keeps tabs on all progress players make with the event, with Bungie promising that it contains more activities than any previous book. Spread across 13 pages, objectives revisit different parts of Destiny‘s history, with rewards including emblems to recognize your various feats. For players who manage to reach rank seven in the book, you’ll be able to purchase a personalized shirt from Bungie’s online store to immortalize your journey, adorned with your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network username.

With Age of Triumph’s primary focus being to recognize players’ achievements over the last three years rather than making them even more powerful, Bungie won’t be raising the Light Level cap beyond 400 – there’s no need to grind out Engram drops this time around.

Destiny‘s Age of Triumph event begins March 28 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the developer will have more details to share in a later stream to be held prior to its beginning.