After 1,600 Deaths, Destiny’s Vault Of Glass Raid Has Been Beaten


To mark the anniversary of Destiny‘s first week on the market, Bungie has introduced an all-new raid mode into the game entitled Vault of Glass. Taking place on the volcanic terrain of our celestial neighbour Venus, the co-operative mission has been described as the game’s hardest event to date.

However, a mere fourteen hours after its introduction, the excruciating end-game raid has been beaten by a clan of six players known as PrimeGuard. Such a feat even prompted a congratulatory message from the official Bungie Twitter account.

While the raid has been beaten rather quickly in the grand scheme of things, PrimeGuard’s accomplishment can’t be understated. In fact, the group of dedicated gamers described the raid as the “single most challenging” experience they’ve ever had in the medium. Yikes, and I thought my level 13 Hunter was punching above his weight.

According to reports, players are able to wean their way into the Vault of Glass raid at level 24, though we seriously advise against it. With each descending level, you in-game Guardian will lose 20% of attack against enemies, meaning the near-impossible mission will become, well, pretty much insurmountable.

Destiny is currently available across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. In our review, we found the game to be visually stunning and a blast to play, but the experience quickly became marred by a lacklustre, wholly uninspired story:

By overlooking features that have made other massively multiplayer games and first-person shooter/RPG hybrids successful, Bungie has created a game that lacks immersion and is in need of a wow factor. Still, thanks to some quality gunplay, addictive multiplayer and beautiful presentation, Destiny exists as a decent game and isn’t a bad way to spend one’s time.

Source: Twitter