Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Trailer Teases The Return Of Vault Of Glass


As part of its most recent weekly update, which summarizes the current goings on with Destiny and its community, Bungie confirmed that a new sandbox update is on the way for the sci-fi shooter. More solid details for Age of Triumph, as it’s so called, will be released as part of a stream to be held later this week, but a teaser trailer has just been unveiled that gives a pretty good indication as to what sorts of content Guardians will be enjoying when it arrives.

The video (above) focuses heavily on the Vault of Glass which, for those unaware, was the first raid Bungie released for the game and is often considered to be one of its finest pieces of content. Unless Bungie’s now in the market of toying with its fans, it’s pretty much a given at this point that Atheon and the Vex will be back for another round when Age of Triumph drops. To clarify, Vault of Glass never left us, but as new raids and other activities have been released since then, its gear rewards have become obsolete and rather useless beyond holding aesthetic value. Expect the Year Three version to drop Light Level relevant gear.

Age of Triumph will be the final major update being rolled out for Destiny, with development focus having largely shifted to Destiny 2 instead. The sequel, while still without a solid release date or, for that matter, an official announcement, is due to release this year, with publisher Activision having stated recently that it’s still on course to meet that date.

As for the rest of the meat you can expect to find on the bone with Age of Triumph, you can see that, as was the case with Rise of Iron and The Dawning, another activity book that keeps track of all your achievements will be included, so expect to bag some new Shaders, special gear and emblems for your efforts.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back with us on Wednesday, March 8 for all the details revealed in Bungie’s stream.