Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League Returns December 13 Along With Year 3 Ice Breaker, New Gear


Destiny‘s final update of the year was detailed by Bungie at last weekend’s PlayStation Experience exhibition, revealing the expected return of last year’s Sparrow Racing League event as well as several surprising new features.

Come December 13, Guardians will once again be tasked with racing against their peers for glory (and their lives), with several slick new Sparrow models showcased in the trailer (above). But the thrill of the race isn’t the only new content Bungie is introducing to close out 2016.

After their notable absence from this year’s Rise of Iron expansion, the Vanguard trio – Cayde-6, Zavala and Ikora Rey – return for December’s so-called ‘The Dawning’ update, promising tasty rewards by way of new bounties.

As part of the patch, Bungie is introducing a score-attack system of sorts for the shooter’s Strikes, putting players in direct competition with each other to see who can rack up the biggest, most impressive number. With each bounty you hand in to Zavala, you’ll be in with a chance of nabbing yourself a Year Three Ice Breaker – the fan favorite Exotic sniper rifle from vanilla Destiny. For the sake of diversity, three Year One Strikes – The Nexus, The Will of Crota and The Shadow Thief – are all being revamped for The Dawning.

Rounding out the rest of the time-limited event’s content are some neat festivities to help Guardians get into the Christmas spirit. Once a day, you’ll be able to visit The Tower in order to open a present, although what’s inside is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the new Abbadon and Nova Mortis Machine Guns? Each is a Solar and Void incarnation of the existing Thunderlord Exotic, and they both look pretty sleek.

It’s not entirely clear how much of the new content will remain once ‘The Dawning’ ends on January 3, 2017, but we suspect everything besides SRL and the Christmas-themed items will be here to stay. We’re happy to see Bungie continuing to support Destiny with new content on a regular basis (even if some of it is temporary), but can it keep the player base occupied until Destiny 2 rolls around next year? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, if you’ve not checked out Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion just yet, give our gallery a look below.