Destiny’s Iron Banner Event Opens Its Doors For The Last Time Next Week


Guardians and their Ghosts will be forced to leave the relative safety of Destiny‘s iconic Tower behind in search of new places to call home this September, but not before Bungie gives players of the original the send-off they deserve ahead of Destiny 2‘s launch.

Following the launch of one final patch – Age of Triumph – for the game earlier this year, the studio subsequently migrated all development focus to Destiny 2, thereby ceasing post-launch content support for its predecessor altogether, leaving behind a series of raids, Strikes and recurring PvP events to keep players invested until new adventures arrived. Bungie’s drive to squeeze every last ounce of replayability out of Destiny before it hit retirement age was, for sure, a smart route to take, but next week is to be the very last time that one particular activity will appear.

Iron Banner makes its comeback for the last time ever next week, August 1, providing players one final opportunity to impress Lady Efrideet and Lord Saladin with remarkable feats of combat in the Crucible. Given that the occasion has become a core component of Destiny‘s monthly ritual since launch, I have no doubt that its last hurrah will prove to be a bittersweet moment for many, as they relive its greatest moments through each and every match played.

To end how it started, Bungie confirms via its weekly update that the game mode being used for Iron Banner’s finale will be the same as that used in its first appearance: Control. As usual, participants can expect rewards in the form of suitably-themed armor and weapons, although, given the circumstances, I imagine lucrative loot rewards will be the last thing on Guardians’ minds this time around.

As for those fearing the same fate for Trials of Osiris, rest assured, the hugely competitive mode isn’t closing its doors for good just yet. Be warned, however, that your performance in this weekend’s iteration of the high-stakes competition will be the last time it’s counted towards filling pages in the Age of Triumph Record Book, the deadline for which is August 1.

Both Iron Banner and Trials will return for Destiny 2, although not in time for launch on September 6.

Source: Bungie