Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Event Kicks Off Later Today On Xbox One And PlayStation 4; Weekly Reset Delayed


That’s right, Guardians, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has almost arrived. Bungie’s final content update for Destiny, Age of Triumph, is scheduled to go live later today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing with it a celebration of all the notable feats you’ve ever achieved since taking your first tentative steps in its universe. The update goes live at 10 am PST/1 pm EST/6 pm BST on both platforms and includes, among a whole host of other features, updated versions of all existing raids to Year Three standards, all of which include new armor sets and Ornaments to obtain by completing the various challenges that Bungie has set for you.

In order to accommodate the patch, the standard weekly reset has been pushed back several hours and will now coincide with Age of Triumph’s launch. Do note, too, that during that time, the Weekly Heroic Strike and Nightfall playlists will be unavailable to play, with those attempting to do so being met with nothing other than an error code. For those waiting on a full list of patch notes, Bungie says they’ll be released closer to update time, although the developer has confirmed that issues pertaining to various items such as Skeleton Keys and SIVA Fragments are being looked at.

So, that’s that, then. When Age of Triumph arrives later today, content support for Destiny will officially have come to an end, and while that may be a sad reality, there’s something very notable on its way this year that should help to lift your spirits. I am, of course, referring to Destiny 2, which, at long last received an official announcement yesterday by way of Bungie’s various social media channels. Assuming the earlier poster leak to be accurate, the sequel will be with us by September this year, so expect the reveals to flow at this year’s E3.

Roll on June.

Source: VG247