Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns For Another Round Next Week Alongside Hotfixes

Destiny‘s monthly Iron Banner PvP event returns for another round next week alongside a handful of hotfixes for issues currently affecting Guardians, Bungie has confirmed. Beginning January 17, this rotation of the competitive mode will be adhering to the Clash ruleset, so your only objective will be to kill as many opposing Guardians as possible. Nice and simple.

As usual, you’ll be inundated with rewards if you participate, with chest and arm gear being doled out as post-match rewards. As for weapons, you can look forward to nabbing a collection of sidearms and rocket launchers in the same way, but if you find yourself on the receiving end of some bad luck, Lady Efrideet will sell you each piece for a modest sum.

Outside of the above, Bungie details in the same end-of-week post that a series of hotfixes will go live on reset, including changes to how frequently enemies in Rise of Iron‘s Plaguelands area drop rewards, as well as improvements to the Exotic machine guns Nova Mortis and Abaddon, both of which were introduced with last year’s The Dawning event. While not arriving with this batch, Bungie says fixes to issues pertaining to Trials of Osiris and Skeleton Keys will be addressed in future patches.

Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is Bungie’s teaser for an upcoming update. While no specifics are mentioned, Bungie says the new content will give players “new reasons to fight,” although the aforementioned fixes and improvements are higher on the list of priorities for now. With Bungie being a studio that likes to follow patterns when it comes to Destiny, one can probably expect this mystery update to be available at some point in the Spring, mimicking last year’s so-called ‘April Update‘ that introduced various new features, as well as an increased Light level cap.

More content for Destiny is never a bad thing, but at this point, it’s nothing more than a stopgap until Destiny 2 rolls around. Activision has yet to officially announce the sequel, but expect to hear more about it at this year’s E3.