What’s New With Destiny’s Weekly Reset For December 8?


Destiny‘s weekly update is here, and we’ve got all the details on the Nightfall, Court Of Oryx and Prison Of Elders resets, as well as details on the game’s new challenge mode.

First up is the weekly Nightfall. This time around it’s the Shield Brothers strike with the following modifiers:

  • Specialist – special weapon damage is favoured
  • Chaff – radar is disabled
  • Fresh Troops – More enemies
  • Airborne – You deal more damage while in the air

Similarly, the Prison Of Elders has rotated once more, with the following two arenas being available for the next seven days.

  • Level 32: Cult Of The Worm
  • Level 34: Broken Legion

Finally, the new challenge mode for the King’s Fall raid focuses on the overgrown Golgoroth boss this time around. Players need to take the ogre down without losing his ‘gaze’ to be rewarded with a 320 Light artefact and armor piece.

On top of all that, today also marks the release of the Sparrow Racing League, announced over the weekend at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event. Bungie says new vehicles, armor and shaders are all up for grabs if you participate in the event, which runs for three weeks, ending on December 29.

To read more about Destiny‘s newest feature, head over here.