New Details On Apex Legends’ Next Weapon Leak


I’m always impressed at the diligence and skill of data-miners, who browse through a game’s files and code in order to discover secrets that the developer might’ve preferred stay hidden.

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends exploded in popularity back in February, and of course, that means tons of people have been doing a thorough search through the game’s files to see what else may be coming down the pipeline. Twitter user @Shrugtal already revealed the existence of a new weapon called the L-STAR EMG last month and now, they’ve discovered a few more details on it, giving us a better idea of what to expect.

According to the data-miner, several pieces of dialogue related to the L-STAR have been found and they reveal that it’ll be a very rare weapon and likely of the legendary variety – along with the Kraber and Mastiff – it’ll be a plasma based gun, and that it’ll require some kind of cooldown period so that it doesn’t overheat.

As you can see above, this is a pretty neat looking weapon, too, especially with the nice black and orange legendary skin. When it’ll arrive in the game, we can’t yet say, but current speculation points to it being with us at some point during Season 1 and perhaps even as soon as this month.

Whenever it drops, new guns like this will certainly shake things up a little bit while still keeping the core mechanics intact. One new weapon obviously won’t be a game-changer for Apex Legends, but when you’re doing this well, there’s no need to throw in a whole bunch of new gameplay elements to mix things up, right?

What do you think, though? Are you excited to get your hands on the L-STAR? As always, be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.

Source: Twitter