New Details For Destiny’s The Taken King Revealed; PlayStation Content Exclusive Through To September 2016


Earlier today, Bungie brought word of Destiny‘s new trio of subclasses set to make their debut alongside September’s The Taken King expansion, but now we have some more details pertaining to the DLC’s mysterious new Raid.

In an interview with VG247, Bungie Programmer Luke Timmins danced around some details for the new-fangled mission, and how a significant chunk of the add-on will take place on Phobos, one of Mars’ many moons.

We’re not going to reveal more details on the raid until closer to launch, but we are very excited about it. The raids are a bit of a gamble when we’re building them. When we were building the Vault of Glass, we didn’t know how popular it was going to be, if it would just be something Luke Smith, our game director, would play with five of his friends, or if it was something people were going to get really into.

What’s so interesting about Destiny‘s post-launch content thus far, at least in terms of Raids, is that both are radically different from one another, with Vault of Glass encouraging puzzle-based teamwork and December’s Crota’s End placing Guardians in the thick of the action deep beneath the surface of the moon. There’s no doubt that Raids have become of the shooter’s most-popular features since launch, and we’re excited to see what secrets Bungie has in store in a few months’ time.


Timmins also touched upon the continuing popularity of Raids and their surprisingly humble beginnings.

“When we were building the Vault of Glass, we didn’t know how popular it was going to be. We’re really happy with how popular it’s become, and we know how important [raids are] to the game. We want to deliver.”

Lastly, during the Sony conference, Adam Boyes revealed that PlayStation platforms will enjoy some exclusive in-game content within The Taken King, and the Bungie representative revealed just how long those perks will remain on Sony’s systems.

I believe all that’s exclusive through September 2016.

Destiny will receive its third – and likely biggest – expansion on September 15 when The Taken King launches across all platforms.

Source: VG247