Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Touts Cross-Gen/Cross-Platform Save Transferring


Diablo III is less than two weeks away from making its debut on current-generation consoles, through the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. That, you likely know. However, are you also aware of the fact that saves can be transferred from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Through a blog post, Blizzard has detailed exactly how gamers will be able to transfer their last-gen progress to the visually improved, current-gen versions of its Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. It doesn’t look or sound too difficult, per se, but will require you to have a copy of each version of the game in hand. That’s because, the first step in the process is to boot up one of the previously-released console versions and install an update, before being able to export any save files via Xbox LIVE or PSN and Battle.net.

The kicker here is that those who played Diablo III on PlayStation 3 can transfer their characters and progress to the Xbox One, while the same is true of Xbox 360 players who’ve purchased a PS4. It’s a futuristic-feeling idea, to say the least, but one that will be appreciated if it works as well as it sounds.

Look for the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on August 19, and stay tuned for our full review.