DICE Details How To Control Millennium Falcon, Slave I In Star Wars Battlefront


After much deliberation and speculation regarding their inclusion, DICE finally made it official late last week that, yes, Star Wars Battlefront would include a roster of Hero characters beyond simply the father-son duo of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Specifically, the studio has rendered the likes of Han Solo, Leio Organa and the malevolent Emperor Palpatine, with players getting the chance to control either hero or villain throughout the course of an in-game skirmish.

But what of the star vehicles? Since the first gameplay clip for the Fighter Squadron mode debuted online, budding fans have wondered whether the Millennium Falcon and Boba Fett’s Slave I ship will feature in Battlefront. We’re pleased to report that both will be included in this specific, airborne game mode, and today’s DICE blog delved into the finer details about unlocking both of the fan-favorite ships.

“Should you spot the Millennium Falcon or Slave I as a regular starship pilot, your best bet is to stay behind them and try to team up with other players. Since the Rebel and Imperial standard ships are smaller than the Hero Vehicles, you can also dive against the planetary surface and use crevices to shake off Solo’s or Fett’s pursuit.”

In the name of balance, the Falcon or Slave I are far from invincible; as markedly bigger space vessels than the standard Rebel and Imperial ships, other players will find it relatively easy to duck, dip and dodge out of the crosshairs, even using the alien planet and its interlocking mountain ranges as temporary cover.

Fighter Squadron was one of the modes that didn’t featured on the recent beta test for Star Wars Battlefront – Walker Assault and Drop Zone took that crown – but it’ll be fascinating to see how early adopters take to the airborne mode when DICE’s shooter launches next month.

Star Wars Battlefront is primed to launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – with season pass in tow – on November 17.