Dino Crisis May Be Getting A Remake On PS5 And Xbox Series X


While Capcom has certainly seen success by growing and iterating on its biggest properties (to date, the stellar Monster Hunter World has sold in excess of 15 million units), the company has also seen great success with its remasters, remakes, and anthologies. Aside from a handful of Mega Man collections, the developer made waves last year when they released Resident Evil 2, which not only outsold the original but garnered a number of game of the year awards and perfect scores (including one from our very own Dylan Chaundy).

As you might imagine then, they’re now moving forward with more remakes, the most notable being a reimagining of Resident Evil 3, which is due out in just a couple of months. However, it looks like Capcom might have another revival in the works as well, one that could very well debut on next-gen consoles.

As ComicBook.com reports, a new rumor from AestheticGamer reveals that Dino Crisis might be getting a remake later this year, which would, in all likelihood, also be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, along with Sony and Microsoft’s current hardware.

Of course, all of this has yet to be confirmed by Capcom, but some of the key points do make sense. After all, following the release of Resident Evil 3, the company won’t have much in the way of core series games to remaster, which means they’ll be looking at another intellectual property to revive. As a survival horror franchise, Dino Crisis certainly fits the bill, and it was even created by the same team that was behind the very first Resident Evil. 

As always, this should be taken with a grain of salt, but we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if we heard an official announcement from Capcom in the coming months. We’re curious though, would you like to see a revival of Dino Crisis, or do you think another IP should be given the modern treatment? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!