Disgaea 5 Complete Announced For Nintendo Switch, Available This Spring


Disgaea 5 Complete, a port that includes all content released as DLC for the original PlayStation 4 version, is headed for Nintendo Switch, publisher NIS America has confirmed.

Slated for launch sometime in spring, the strategy RPG tells the story of Killia, an adolescent demon that seeks to put an end to the reign of Void Dark, a miscreant that desires to enslave everything stood in his path. As it’s become known for, Disgaea 5 continues the off-beat humor of previous entries in the series, with NIS promising a story of equal parts hilarity and strategy. If you passed up on the DLC for the PS4 version, Complete includes the eight bonus scenarios, four characters and three character classes released as such, all neatly wrapped up in a special Switch-exclusive Limited Edition (below).


Inside the premium Collector’s Box, you’ll find a copy of the game (with reversible cover), a glossy hardcover art book, 2-disc soundtrack, a clip on rubber Prinny and a “Mystery Item,” which, let’s be honest, could be anything from another piece of memorabilia to a small piece of bonus content. The game’s product page does say that it’ll be “revealed soon,” though, so at least you won’t have to wait until release day to find out. The fancy bundle is available to pre-order here right now, although it’ll set you back a hefty $89.99. Still, that’s a bargain when compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Master Edition, which is an eye-watering $129.99.

For just a small taste of the inventive battle systems and wealth of customization options (over 40 jobs and races to pick from, says NIS) on offer in Disgaea 5 Complete, give the trailer above a quick watch.