Dishonored 2 Trial Kicks Off Later This Week, Play First Three Levels For Free

Bethesda and Arkane Studios are opening the doors to Dishonored 2 for all later this week, it’s been announced. Beginning April 6, all Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players can download the free trial from the Xbox Marketplace, PSN Store and Steam respectively, which offers open access to the stealth RPG title’s first three missions. Both protagonists from the full game, Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin, are available too, each of which boasts drastically different playstyles from the other. Those who opt to continue their sleuthing through the city of Karnaca upon exhausting the trial’s features can do so without losing any progress – all saves and progress will carry over.

If you’re intending to take advantage of the offer but are yet to experience the delights of Arkane’s intricately crafted steampunk world, Dishonored 2 follows Corvo and Emily’s quest to regain the latter’s birthright as the ruler of Dunwall, the throne of which has been usurped by the mad witch Delilah.

Arkane continues to support Dishonored 2 post-launch, the developer having released a substantial update to the title earlier this year that introduced custom difficulty settings for PC players, as well as a hard-as-nails Iron Mode for all platforms. Whether or not any more content is in the works for the title remains to be seen, however, but considering Arkane is currently hard at work on Prey, it could be the case that focus has already long-since moved on. The sci-fi shooter is due to out on May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. See here for the latest trailer to be released.

As for Dishonored 2, for an idea of what to expect heading into the free trial later this week, check out our review here.

Source: Bethesda