New Prey Trailer Explains Everything You Need To Know About Neuromods


Bethesda and Arkane Studios have released yet another trailer for Prey today, with this particular snippet of gameplay centered around educating players on the potency of Neuromods – powers that protagonist Morgan Yu will have at his or her disposal throughout the course of the game. As was the case with the Weapon and Power combos video that landed earlier this week, today’s briefing hand-picks several different abilities to showcase, including an explanation of how it is exactly that humans – specifically Morgan – now have access to what are essentially superpowers.

As it turns out, Neural Modifiers inject mods straight into your grey matter by way of a rather painful-looking procedure, whereupon they change the subject’s “neural circuitry” in different ways. As an example, one particular mod – Superthermal – is shown off in the video, which enables Morgan to place an explosive proximity trap as a means of defense against the various forms of Typhon aboard Talos I. Upon detonation, a column of superheated plasma erupts from the ground, incinerating anything caught in its radius. Others shown off include Remote Manipulation and Kinetic Blast, the former of which allows Morgan to manipulate various objects from a distance, providing various benefits.

You can check out the video for yourselves above or, alternatively, head over to Bethesda’s website to learn more about the world in which Arkane’s re-imagining of the original is set.

Prey is out May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with a bonus Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack available to those who pre-order the sci-fi shooter. For a handy breakdown of everything the bonus content bundle contains, see here.