New Prey Gameplay Shows Off The Weapon And Power Combos At Morgan Yu’s Disposal


Bethesda and Arkane Studios have released a new gameplay trailer for Prey today that provides a rundown of all the kooky guns and power combos at protagonist Morgan Yu’s disposal during the exploration of the alien-infested Talos I space station. First up is the Gloo Cannon, a piece of kit that spurts out a viscous substance which quickly hardens after exposure. Combined with the Lift Field power, Yu is able to root enemies in place and then send them flying into the air. Upon making contact with the ground, the unfortunate victim then shatters into hundreds of little, very dead, pieces.

Next are the Huntress Boltcaster weapon and Machine Mind power, the latter of which enables players to corrupt various machines in order to force them to fight for you. This particularly useful ability lasts for 30 seconds, although its duration can be increased by upgrading the Telepathy skill tree.

Others shown off in the footage include Electrostatic Burst, Phantom Genesis and Shift, Superthermal, Typhon Lure and the Disruptor Stungun, all of which provide Yu with all kinds of wacky powers in order to combat the Typhon threat. You can check out the trailer for yourselves above or find a more in-depth rundown of everything via Bethesda’s post on its website.

Prey is out May 5 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is a re-imagining of the original game of the same name developed by Human Head Studios. While not a direct sequel, Arkane’s take continues to use many of the same themes explored in the 2006 game while seemingly being inspired gameplay-wise by its own Dishonored 2 and 2K’s BioShock series.

In case you missed the previous trailers, including last week’s video that explores Morgan’s backstory, see here.

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