New Prey Video Explores Morgan Yu’s Backstory; The Importance Of Player Choice


Bethesda has released a new video for upcoming RPG shooter Prey that provides a little more insight into the backstory surrounding the Typhon invasion of Talos I and the integral role that protagonist Morgan Yu will play in attempting to stop it. As various members of the development team at Arkane explain, Prey‘s opening moments will be prefaced with an experiment by the TranStar Corporation that aims to answer the age old question of what it means to be human, with Morgan taking on the role of guinea pig.

It’s assumedly this experiment that leads to Morgan being able to channel the abilities of the Typhon race, although how much players opt to invest in developing such powers will determine how the world reacts to their presence. Should you decide to embrace the powers of the Typhon, the alien race will become increasingly aware of Morgan, with certain strains of the extraterrestrials able to constantly pursue you wherever you go. Likewise, the station’s own defense systems will start to recognize Morgan as a hostile, adding an interesting risk/reward element to gameplay.

You won’t be alone in your attempts to survive, either. Various human inhabitants of Talos I still live in fear of the Typhon threat, one of which is Alex Yu, the CEO of TranStar and Morgan’s brother. Whether you chose to help or ignore these individuals will have an impact on how Prey‘s ending unfolds, says Arkane, so if you’re planning to go in looking for a happy ending, it’s probably a good idea to play the good samaritan.

There are a few other tidbits in the video not touched upon here, so give it a watch for yourselves above.

Prey is out May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.