Microsoft “Not Sure” Whether It’ll Show Project Scorpio Prior To E3 2017


Microsoft is satisfied with the progress being made with Project Scorpio so far but is currently “not sure” whether it’ll be shown prior to this year’s E3. Responding to fan questions on Twitter regarding the upgraded Xbox One, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he was currently unsure if it would happen, but that he knows it’s something many people want. Spencer does, however, reveal that the company’s first-party studios are already in the process of “getting engines up and tuned,” ready for its release at the end of the year.

While Project Scorpio is generally regarded to be Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro, the software giant has stated previously that the power disparity between the two devices “will be obvious,” so it’ll likely have components superior to that of its competitor. As is the case with the Pro, Scorpio will supposedly increase the performance of existing Xbox One titles by way of dynamic scaling, a process that ensures games run at more stable frame rates. If all of these fancy features sound like they’ll result in something too expensive, it’s probably best to bottle those concerns until a later date. Spencer told AusGamers last year that Microsoft has no interest in competing with the PC market with Scorpio, and it plans to maintain a console price-point.

The future may look bright for Microsoft, but here in the present, things aren’t going as well. Earlier this week, the rumor that Platinum Games’ Scalebound had been canceled became a disappointing reality, with both affected parties providing their own thoughts on the matter. What did you make of the news, though? Were you surprised that the anticipated action RPG has been canned, or did you see it coming a mile off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.