Don’t Starve Mega Pack Headed To Retail For Xbox One And PlayStation 4 This Year


Indie hit Don’t Starve is getting a retail release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017, developer Klei Entertainment has announced. The so-called Mega Pack, which is also getting a digital release, will be published in partnership with 505 Games for the physical versions and compiles all previous expansions – including the Don’t Starve Together co-op mode – onto one disc for a modest $30.

Originally released on Steam back in 2013, Don’t Starve’s eye-catching gothic art style and extremely unforgiving survival elements made it an instant success on the platform, eventually leading Klei to port the title to both Sony and Microsoft’s platforms, although the latter has been without the co-op expansion until now, which will roll out sometime in the spring (via Destructoid).

As for the Mega Pack, it’ll include the base game, the aforementioned Don’t Starve Together, Reign of Giants add-on and, finally, the most recent expansion: ShipwreckedWhile Regin of Giants introduces rafts of new content to Don’t Starve’s existing landmass – additional characters, environments and bosses – Shipwrecked is a completely standalone experience that whisks players away to a tropical archipelago where the rules are turned upside-down. Tropical storms, crude vehicle construction and an expanded ‘wetness’ mechanic are all obstacles that Wilson and friends will have to overcome in order to survive its sunny shores.

If you’ve yet to give Don’t Starve a try and find enjoyment in spending your free time trying to survive the unforgiving nature of the natural world, then the $30 price tag will be well worth it. Expect Klei and 505 Games to provide a more firm release date closer to the big day.

Source: Destructoid