Don’t Starve: Reign Of Giants Add-On Coming To The PlayStation 4 Next Week


Klei Entertainment announced today that the Reign of Giants expansion for Don’t Starve will be available for the PlayStation 4 starting next week. The add-on was previously released for the PC back in April 2014.

While the base game was already quite sizeable enough, Reign of Giants introduces several big updates to Don’t Starve. Players will now have to survive through a full year of seasons, as both spring and summer have been added. Two new characters will also be included with the add-on: Wigfrid, an actress who takes method acting to another level as an ancient Valkyrie, and Webber, a young child who lives in the body of the spider who tried to eat him years prior.

Additional features included with the expansion are new creatures and gatherables that can either assist or harm you, an additional save slot and, of course, giants. A free patch for Don’t Starve will also be released alongside the expansion that fixes several bugs and includes some other additional content that was previously only available on the PC.

I, like many PlayStation 4 owners, got Don’t Starve back in January when it was free through PlayStation Plus. While I certainly enjoyed my time with the game, I did find it to be a little too tough for my tastes. It’s nice to see Klei Entertainment continue to support the title, though, as this is the first of two planned expansions (Don’t Starve Together will be available later this year).

Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants will be available starting July 22 for the PlayStation 4. The expansion will carry a cost of $4.99 upon release, although PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an additional 10% discount on it.