Don’t Starve DLC Reign Of Giants Now Available Through PC


Though it’s been available through Steam Early Access since the start of April, Klei Entertainment has confirmed that the Reign of Giants DLC is now available officially for Don’t Starve on PC.

Early adopters can pick up the added content for $4.50 (£3.59) until May 7th, when it will return to the standard price of $5 (£3.99). In terms of the content itself, though, Reign of Giants is set to introduce a hoard of new items and biomes, a dynamic weather system to add that extra survivalist challenge, and of course, new creatures and giants.

Also, Klei Entertainment are set to introduce a pairing of all-new playable characters into the Tim Burton-esque world in the form of Webber and Wigfrid, a young, adventurous boy and a stage actress, respectively. Elsewhere, users can also take solace in the fact that Reign of Giants will implement a second save slot for when things inevitably go pear shape.

Those who participated in the preliminary beta testing will be eligible to play the DLC day and date, according to the studio’s developer Joe Wall:

“Previous beta participants will simply get updated to the newest version. Everybody participating in the beta will be updated to the live version after the beta ends and standalone versions will be made available to all purchases once available.”

Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants is available right now through PC, and PlayStation 4 owners can expect the nightmarish content pack to make the jump to consoles before long.